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  2. CJ is gonna be a beast if he can stay healthy. He also has incredibly soft hands for his build so even though Blue will probably see more work in the passing game, Baxter could certainly surprise some teams with his ability there. Baxter’s also built like a typical SEC bellcow so I think he will bring that physicality needed to get tough yards.
  3. I will pay your subscription cost for 5 years if Texas does not sign a high school DT this cycle
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  5. Hope that wave won't continue to bounce back and forth forever and ever.
  6. Yeah. That sounds right. Nick Freaking Saban confused to different RBs, one of which he heavily recruited. He's known for missing details.
  7. I refuse to buy anything Marucci for my boys because of this
  8. The Marucci NIL is overwhelming. I doubt any other program is even close. It's the Phil Knight of college baseball.
  9. I don’t see him getting an NIL deal to cover that plus another year of tuition and living expenses.
  10. Saban is maybe exaggerating a bit or forecasting but he will likely be proven correct. Brooks (6.1 ypr and over 1,100 yds) was the best RB last year before his injury and the 1st RB in the NFL draft. Impressive run of NFL drafted TX running backs, Bijan (1st RB drafted in '23), Roschon, Keilan and Brooks (1st RB drafted in '24). Baxter and Blue are next in line at Texas. Baxter battled and didn't appear elite early on but he did show significant improvement. Early in the year, true freshman Baxter only ran for 2.8 ypr and 31 total yds vs Bama. In the CFP, Baxter went 9 for 64 (impressive 7.1 avg) with 1 TD. 16 yds longest run. Baxter ran for 4.8 ypr for the season. Baxter showed better vision at the end of the year and looked stronger in the spring game. Like most freshman RBs, Baxter needed to be developed and have the game slow down for him. With another year of development, Baxter should show overall improvement. Baxter won't be going down as often on first contact. Baxter should have higher yards per rush this season. Expecting Baxter to have a breakout season like Saban suggests. Blue should also get recognized since he is documented as the fastest (over 23mph) returning RB in college. On limited carries, Blue had an impressive 6.1 average last season. In the CFP, Blue went 9 for 59 (impressive 6.6 avg) with 1 TD. 16 yds longest run. Blue is superb in space. Blue has good hands. Blue will be bigger and stronger. Blue went from 191 to 200 on the TX roster. Blue should also have a breakout season if he gets enough touches. Wisner on even fewer carries and in mop up duty also had an impressive 6.1 ypr. Wisner went from 185 to around 200 based on the TX roster weights. Wisner can make plays in the Keilan role. Last season, Texas ran 527 times for 2,638 yds (15th) for a 5.0 avg (tied for 19th) along with 29 TDs. Hoping Texas rushes for over 2,800 yds and averages over 5.3 ypr this season while having 2 RBs go over 1,000 yards. If we stay healthy, TX should be a great rushing team behind our developed OL with a trio of improved RBs - Baxter, Blue and Wisner.
  11. It’s Friday, so cap off your work week with Coffee and Football this morning. At 8 AM we will discuss the latest news regarding Texas football, recruiting and much more. Plus we will be taking your questions.
  12. We run a 2-4-5, we're fine at DT.
  13. OU stays at the Marriott Renaissance, unless that has changed in recent years. I got on the elevator with Stoops and some large humans a few years back.
  14. @TarrantCoHorn is right. Saban has sung the praises of Baxter three or four times in the past week. Baxter is pretty much a stereotype for the Saban style of RBs, so I'm not surprised that Saban would be jonesing for Baxter.
  15. I don’t think so. He was well documented this week that he watched all the spring games, studied teams, and talked to coaches. He’s going to put a ton of prep into his TV analyst gig.
  16. Very likely mistaked Baxter for Brooks, who actually tore them up. Even Nick isn't perfect.
  17. The other thing to consider with LBJ is he has already graduated. Sure he could still come back but having a degree makes the decision a lot harder in my opinion.
  18. “I’m gonna alleviate some of your concerns because I know you’ve got seven wideouts that all can play,” Saban told Sarkisian. “I know you’ve got three quarterbacks that all can play. Baxter was the best running back I saw of any team, aight, so you’re gonna be able to run the ball.” High praise for Baxter to be the best RB saban saw during the whole season last year.
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  20. Musk has somehow made Twitter more of a cesspool than before. User experience is absolutely awful.
  21. Addison hotels are always filled with Sooners... Avoid at all costs
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